Feelback tietää mitä asiakkaillesi kuuluu

The company and our values

Feelback Group is a modern research agency with the mission of changing data into competitiveness and success. We collect, analyse and refine information for the purposes of your entire organisation. Our offices are located in Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio and Lappeenranta. We employ around 50 people.

Information is the most important asset of a modern company. Success stories are born from the ability to utilise data.

Our mission is to change data into customer success. We will help you turn data into a management tool for building better customer understanding, working life and business.

We collect, analyse and refine information for the everyday purposes of your entire organisation. When you need a general view of the current situation, inspiring understanding or proactive perspective to future of leadership, we will deliver what we promise – success in knowledge.

Our operations are built on three strong cornerstones.

Customer experience – “We will help you understand your customer better”

Management experience – “We will support your management and its key people in their development path”

Personnel experience – “We will provide you with the keys to development and better working life”

Success in knowledge

Our services are used by both Finnish and international organisations that wish to improve their operations with the help of reliable information, measurement or assessment results or continuously collected feedback. Our customers also include several research units both from the private and public sectors.

Our customers describe us as flexible, agile and cost-efficient. This is a question of honour to us, as we enjoy what we are doing. We prefer to refer to our customers as partners, since that is what our operations are all about – a partnership that helps our customer succeed.




Our values

Profitable growth.

Activeness, effectiveness and high quality create the basis for future. Profitability helps us provide our customers with excellent services.

Continuous development.

We continue to develop our competence, services, technology and people. Our motivated staff members take actively part in the development work.

We trust in others and are trustworthy.

We remain trustworthy in all our operations. We keep our promises to each other, customers and partners.

Cooperation with us is easy.

The key factors of of our cooperation are smooth information flow, openness and staff well-being. We promote good working environment by helping and supporting each other.

Excellent customer experience gives energy.

Fulfilling our customer promise creates continuity for our partnerships. Our mission is to help our customers succeed.

We are committed.

We commit to our work with responsibility and goal-oriented approach. Shared goals and promises guide our actions. Commitment is the key to our success and the success of our customers.