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Sales and payment terms

This document presents the sales and payment terms applied by Feelback Ltd.


A payment term of 14 days wil be applied to all invoices, unless otherwise agreed. A delayed payment will accrue valid late payment interest.
Payment terms or possible instalments will be agreed separately, in connection to order confirmation/accepted offer.

Validity of an offer

All written and oral offers will remain valid for one month, unless otherwise agreed. All work not included in the offer will be negotiated separately with the customer and invoiced separately in accordance with the agreed hourly prices. Feelback Ltd. reserves the right to re-negotiate the prices if the project changes or if the offer is based on insufficient information received from the customer.

Terminating an agreement

If a customer cancels a confirmed order, Feelback Ltd. has the right to invoice 15% of the project’s total price or the actual costs. If starting the research becomes delayed and this causes additional costs to Feelback Ltd., these will be added to the final invoice. This also applies to costs caused by the customer’s insufficient instructions and guidance.


Information related to the project is confidential, and the confidentiality obligation applies to both project parties. This also applies to all information that is not public knowledge but that the project parties become aware of in connection to this project.


The customer has an exclusive right to the collected data materials and the reports/report materials, unless otherwise agreed.

Feelback Ltd. reserves the juridical right to those sections of the quite or work that were proposed/implemented by Feelback Ltd. All data, forms, analysis and reports belong to the customer. Technical tools, web portals and online reports are the property of Feelback Ltd., unless otherwise agreed.


When presenting the results, both the names of the customer and Feelback Ltd. should be mentioned. If incorrect information or misleading assumptions are published, Feelback Ltd. reserves the right to publish the results of the same research in a more correct, neutral format.

Correcting mistakes

If a mistake or a defect is observed, both parties must inform the other without delay. If the research has mistakes due to materials provided by the customer, Feelback Ltd. will make the necessary corrections, if necessary, at the customer’s expense. With regard to mistakes caused by the actions of Feelback Ltd., Feelback Ltd.’s liability is limited to correcting these mistakes without separate customer expenses.

Force majeure

Feelback Ltd. is not liable for delays caused by natural disasters, government operations, embargos, strikes, problems with labour force, device defects, weather, market trends or other causes that Feelback Ltd. is not in control of.


Disputes between the contract parties will be primarily solved through negotiations. If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiations, the matter will be solved by the regional District Court.

Data protection

Feelback Ltd. follows the applied, valid personal data processing and data protection legislation in all its operations. Feelback Ltd. adheres to both EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the local regulations and decrees. Due to this, Feelback Ltd. processes all its customer-related data in the EU/EEA.

Personal data will not be processed outside the European Economic Area (EEA), unless such data transfer has been separately agreed with the customer in writing.