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Lauritsalantie 1, PL 164, 53101 Lappeenranta


Hämeenkatu 14 C, 33100 Tampere


Pieni Roobertinkatu 9, 00130 Helsinki

Puh. 0207 433 980
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    Sales and marketing

  • Juha Järvi

    Sales Director, Partner
    +358 44 723 3712

    “I have 20 years of experience of B2B sales and sales management. As a Sales Director of Feelback Group, I’m responsible for the company’s sales and its marketing. My passion is comprehensive development of sales, through which I can help our company achieve the targets set in the growth strategy.”

  • Ville Klem

    Customer Accounts Director

    +358 40 842 8979

    “I’m particularly interested in learning what benefits and added value the research results bring to the customer. Listening to the customer and more than 20 years of research experience bring me an understanding of what kind of research or measurement will solve a problem.”

  • Marko Hietala

    Customer Accounts Director
    +358 40 749 6110

    “I serve the customers of market, customer and personnel surveys from the early stages of planning all the way to the processing of the results. My special expertise, with 10-year experience, is market research for new products and innovations as well as international research.”

  • Jari Taipale

    Customer Accounts Director
    +358 40 502 5459

    “I have been developing management and workplace communities for several years. The different phenomena of working life and management have always interested me. From my long experience of management work, I know that people are difficult “user terminals”. I therefore believe that achieving visible results is considerably easier when you make use of good tools, such as 360 evaluations and Natural Tendencies Analysis, which expresses the differences between people.”

  • Pekka Törrönen

    Customer Accounts Director
    +358 40 762 3533

    “I’m a Customer Accounts Director, and my field of responsibility is Feelback’s products and services related to customer experience management. I have more than 20 years’ experience of monitoring customer experience and customer satisfaction. I combine my extensive experience with fresh and innovative way of thinking, ensuring the best end results for our customers for monitoring customer experience in a way that will stand the test of time. I am a member of ESOMAR.”

  • Hannu Hemmi

    Project Director
    +358 40 557 5239

    “I’m an expert in many areas of research with 20 years’ experience in the field. I have carried out many different kinds of research projects for large and medium-sized companies in different sectors. In particular, I have experience in customer research for companies operating in the B2B market.”

  • Pekka Ruuskanen

    CEO, Partner
    +358 400 688 699

    “I have strong experience of B2B sales and marketing management from over 25 years. Development work has been a seamless part of my career. Leading with knowledge is a passion of mine. I’m the company’s CEO and its main shareholder.”

  • Service production

  • Timo Tirkkonen

    Director of Services, Partner
    +358 400 866 388

    “A customer service person through and through. I have long experience of customer service and managerial roles. I work in a central role in the company and juggle many things at once. A desire to finish what has been agreed drives me. As Feelback Group’s Director of Services, my area of responsibility is the company’s service production and customer service.”

  • Jukka Laakso

    Research Director
    +358 40 737 0325

    “I’m a research professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Data analysis and refining are my strong areas of expertise. I am responsible for the operations of the Lappeenranta unit as a whole, including our interview centre.”

  • Nea Miettinen-Paavola

    Project and Product Manager
    +358 44 723 3720

    “I have nearly 10 years of experience of conducting research projects. Thanks to my systematic approach, I can smoothly guide even large projects towards their goals while maintaining a high level of customer service. Often, my desk is covered in staff and customer surveys with extensive target groups, but I have also worked in many other kinds of projects, both in Finland and abroad.”

  • Anu Gustafsson

    Project Manager
    +358 44 723 3717

    “As a Project Manager, I’m in charge of successfully conducting various customer projects. Collecting data and reporting results make up a large part of my duties. I enjoy my work, as every day is different and I’m always learning new, interesting things.”

  • Lassi Antikainen

    Technical project manager
    +358 44 723 3709

    “I have 15 years of experience of Feelback’s research solutions. I work as a Project Manager, mostly in integration projects, where data collection and reporting are automated with the customer’s systems.”

  • Antti Leppilampi

    Project Manager
    +358 40 689 6667

    “I have solid experience of conducting multifaceted research projects in many different sectors, both here in Finland and internationally. My research competence gives strong support to project implementation, from planning the contents to analysing data. As a Project Manager, I have the chance to help customers develop their business operations through the collected data, which is a very motivating part of my work.”

  • Olli Lehtola

    Technical project manager
    +358 44 723 3714

    “I’m a professional of software field with 15 years of experience. Problem-solving abilities and logical thinking are my major strengths. Functional technical solutions are built based on the customer’s wishes.”

  • Sami Vesterinen

    Project Manager
    +358 40 535 9493

    “I have worked in the research field for nearly 20 years, and I have managed both large and smaller research projects. I have solid experience of various data collection methods. I’m particularly interested in researching and finding the essential data that will help develop the customer’s operations.”

  • Esa Vastamäki

    Project Manager
    +358 44 723 3715

    “My job is to be in charge of the overall implementation of a project ordered by a customer. The best part of my work is that it is so solutions-oriented, because nothing can be repeated over and over again without it ever changing. I have more than 15 years of experience of finding solutions in the ICT field, and I also have business competence in B2B and B2C fields.”

  • Juha Kuparisalmi

    Project Manager
    +358 44 723 3746

    “As a Project Manager, I’m in charge of managing the different stages of various types of customer projects as well as their successful implementation. During my career, I have worked in different projects, in management roles and in various IT-field’s positions for about 15 years. A satisfied customer is a question of honour to me, and I always work within the customer’s terms.”

  • Miko Varis

    Technical project manager
    +358 44 491 5555

  • Maria Pyyhtinen

    Project Manager
    +358 44 491 6325

  • Sales and marketing support functions and customer service

    Invoicing and NATURAL TENDENCIES ™ analysis

  • Hanna-Mari Karrinaho

    Marketing and Project Assistant
    +358 44 723 3713

    "My work at Feelback includes a variety of marketing-related tasks, invoicing, and I also support sales."