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Brand survey

Standing out from the other brands is crucial in competitive markets. Brand recognition and positive brand image are especially vital to making a buying decision.

Correctly targeted brand research is a daily tool, in particular in organisation’s marketing and communications. The brand survey reviews the brand’s or the product’s or service’s brand recognition and how the brand stands out from its competitors. A well-known, distinctive brand that evokes pleasant images attracts the target market to look for more information and arrive at a positive buying decision.

When the target market has been recognised, the sampling and data collection methods best suited to it will be chosen The results of brand survey demonstrate how the brand stand out from its competitors, whether the brand image reaches the goal, which are the attraction factors and development goals of the brand and how you can influence the images of the target market in the future.

We utilise all data collection options through multiple channels. Feelback Kompassi enables easy access to and distribution of real-time results on all organisational levels. Dashboard reporting visualises the results and makes their agile use easy.