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Competitive Situation Survey

To understand an organisation’s market position, you need to understand its competitive situation. What is the organisation’s position on the market and how can its different products and services compete with the competitors offerings? How can the different marketing measures influence decisions to buy? Where are the best opportunities for growth?

Competitive situation survey is used to review the competitive situation on the desired target market as well as the usage and customer and market shares of competitors’ products/services. We will design the service carefully together with the customer so that it can expand the overall image of the target market and provide more in-depth knowledge.

The objective of the competitive situation survey is to gain understanding on how active the organisation’s competitors are on the market. The survey results will offer information about the organisation’s own marketing measures as well as those of its competitors. At the same time, the best different media channels will be identified, together with how the chosen target groups can be best reached through the selected media channels. At its best, a competitive situation survey enables an organisation to determine the factors that influence the target group’s purchase decisions, which means that the organisation can also recognise its strengths and weaknesses – and those of its competitors.

We utilise all data collection options through multiple channels. Feelback Kompassi enables easy access to and distribution of real-time results on all organisational levels. Dashboard reporting visualises the results and makes their agile use easy.