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Market research

Growth and internationalisation require making right choices and recognising profitable markets. Decision-making that is based on market data mitigates risks.

Market research helps find out the operational methods, purchase behaviour, competition and market potential on the desired target market. We will design the service carefully together with our customer so that it can support the information requirements of growth plans.

The goal of market research is to review the demand for the products/services and identify the decision-making criteria and sales arguments. Deeper understanding of the market situation will help an organisation to segment its most profitable customer groups and identify the competitive situation on the target market. At its best, market research can help an organisation to determine its overall potential on the desired target market.

We utilise all data collection options through multiple channels. Feelback Kompassi enables easy access to and distribution of real-time results on all organisational levels. Dashboard reporting visualises the results and makes their agile use easy.