Data collecting services

A high-quality data collecting requires versatile and reliable tools. Several research organisations and public research units rely on us to provide them with confidential data.

Telephone interviews

Feelback’s call centre in Lappeenranta has 30 CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview) workstations carrying out approximately 80,000 telephone interviews to B2C and B2B target groups annually. Feelback employs at least 50 telephone interviewers at any given time.

All our research interviewers are highly professional and motivated. They are trained by our extensive internal induction programme for research interviewers. Business
interviews are conducted by a separate B2B interviewer team experienced in interviewing more demanding target groups.

During the interviews, there is always a supervisor present at the call centre, supervising the interviews conducted. Each interviewing project is preceded by a dedicated project training during which the supervisor goes through the phases of the interview research subject/industry, questionnaire, selections, quotas, etc. in detail.

The LeadDesk call centre platform used in the call centre enables, for example, the recording and real-time listening of interviews. Even the most demanding questionnaires with multiple branches and target group quotas are designed and produced with a professionalism that ensures the quality of the collected data. Our operations adhere to the guidelines of the international umbrella organisation of market research, Esomar.

Data collecting services may also include further research into the data analysis carried out using IBM SPSS Statistics statistical software. Analytical methods include the following:

  • weighting of data
  • background variable-specific crosstab
  • statistical significance testing (for example, T-test and Chi-Square test)
  • multivariate analyses (for example, correlation, cluster and factor analysis).