Feelback tietää mitä asiakkaillesi kuuluu

360 assessment

Feedback collected from managers, subordinates and colleagues helps a manager develop further and creates the basis for an organisation’s success.

The significance of feedback has been identified as one of the key factors for improving management skills. The indicators we have developed, as well as the carefully designed assessment process, offer an easy, reliable way to educate managers and other key personnel. It is possible to include a lighter, Pulse survey-type follow-up measurement to these assessments, which increases the effectiveness of the assessment significantly.

We utilise our standard contents to customise and build 360 indicators for your organisation, based on your strategy, management promises and the chosen values. Our standardised indicators contain all the management areas typically needed for management work.

With the help of the demonstrative report, all assessed managers will be able to identify their strengths and development goals in their practical management work and find their personal development path.