Feelback tietää mitä asiakkaillesi kuuluu

Evaluation of how well the board functions

With the board evaluation, the board can evaluate its functioning quickly, efficiently and affordably. Self-assessment is carried out electronically, and the summary with a concise analysis will be available in a matter of few days.

Evaluation and development of the board and board work

The objective of the evaluation and development actions is to evaluate the efficiency of the board work and to determine and implement the development actions. If used regularly, the evaluation tool can be used to follow up the development of the board work over several years.

When conducting measurements, feedback is requested as self-evaluation form the board members. The meter can include a separate evaluation of the chairman of the board.

The evaluation is carried out as an electronic survey, and the respondents will be invited via e-mail. Accompanying notes and other details related to process communication will be agreed on separately with the client.

The starting point used will be the principles of good board work, group work and internal cooperation. A general evaluation of each sub-area will be prepared, accompanied by further questions.

  • Common understanding of the fundamental objective
  • Principles of good board work
  • Preparations
  • Decision-making and follow-up
  • Composition, operation model and guidelines of the board

Treatment of results and development actions
The evaluation contains a result-processing session lasting approximately two hours during which the results of the survey are analysed, and conclusions are drawn using the participatory group work method.