Feelback tietää mitä asiakkaillesi kuuluu


Our natural tendencies are subconscious, or automatic ways of reacting which are considered natural and normal to human beings. Understanding one’s natural tendencies almost inevitably helps us to understand the differences between people and personal development challenges as supervisors and members of a workplace community.

Though similar in principle than a standard NATURAL TENDENCIES ANALYSIS™, the supervisor report differs in content. The leadership style report helps the supervisors to identify their personal tendencies and to develop themselves through understanding the differences between people within the organisation. Through increased self-knowledge, the supervisors can apply the information when leading different kinds of people.

The leadership style report provides answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of leadership style does the person have?
  • Which leadership roles tend to be most natural for the person?
  • During which main stage of change is the person at his or her best?
  • What kind of feedback does the person give by nature?
  • How does the person deal with and solve problems?
  • How and what kind of issues does the person communicate by nature?

Inclusive supervisor coaching

The result of the analysis can be processed in personal or group coaching. The main goal of the coaching is to identify one’s natural strengths and set out on a personal development path based on them. The participants prepare a personal development programme for themselves using a discussion model and workbook created to support the coaching. The scope of coaching and follow-up of the development projects are always agreed on separately with the client