Supervisor performance feedback

Supervisor performance feedback is a modern, light and quick tool for supervisor quality evaluation and development. Due to its agility, feedback can be requested several times in a year.

Supervisor performance feedback
The feedback only contains seven evaluation points that can also be tailored to suit the needs as required.
Feedback is only requested from direct subordinates, and the supervisors will also evaluate themselves.
There is no need for a separate feedback discussion.
Feedback summaries and development trend reports are produced for the management of the organisation.
Feedback results provide an opportunity to react to any issues raised as well as to support and acknowledge success.


  • Management of things
  • Management of people
  • Meeting practices
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Allocation of activities
  • Support and encouragement
  • Interaction behaviour

Supervisor feedback connected to other feedback and evaluation

Supervisor feedback works well as an independent and agile form of feedback, but the effectiveness can be increased by connecting performance feedback with other feedback sources:

1. Sales/customer encounter management and development. Based on customer encounter feedback by which customer interface work is managed and developed.

2. Follow-up feedback for 360 supervisor feedback. Based on extensive 360 supervisor feedback by which the supervisors’ development within the specified areas is monitored.

3. Connection to the NATURAL TENDENCIES ANALYSIS. The analysis reveals the natural way of thinking and working underlying the supervisors working conduct and his or her natural character strengths.