Feelback tietää mitä asiakkaillesi kuuluu

Manager Pulse Survey

Quick pulse feedback from subordinates when it is needed.

The new, light manager pulse survey was develop alongside the 360 assessment and it is an agile way of getting feedback. As a method of receiving quick feedback, the manager pulse survey works best when it is repeated regularly. Only the direct subordinates of the manager take the manager pulse survey, which makes the assessment process significantly faster and lighter.

We utilise our standard contents to customise and build the manager pulse survey for your organisation, based on your strategy, management promises and the chosen values. Our standardised indicators contain all the management areas typically needed for management work. The manager pulse survey can also be used to support the actual 360 assessment and track its results.

With the help of the demonstrative report, all assessed managers will be able to identify their strengths and development goals in their practical management work and find their personal development path.