Development discussions

The objective of the regular development discussions is to ensure continuous development and efficient processes, not only for the employee but also for the supervisor and the company as a whole.

A development discussion is a discussion agreed and planned in advance between the supervisor and subordinate, aimed at fulfilling a specific target and carried out by observing the principles of openness, trust, systematics and regularity.
Feelback Group’s service provides for an open and interactive development discussion culture. Supported by the service concept, the standard HR-process including static forms, summaries and follow-ups are streamlined into a professionally managed and handled high-quality process.

To create an open and interactive development discussion culture with the help of the Feelback Group’s service. Supported by the service concept, the standard HR process including static forms, summaries and follow-ups are streamlined into a professionally managed and handled high-quality process.

All personnel in the organisation.


Feelback Group activates response links for the development discussion query in the respondents’ e-mails. Before the actual development discussion, the employees fill in a query. Once completed, the answers to the query are documented in development discussion forms that are sent to the supervisor and employee via e-mail. The supervisor reviews the employee’s answers, preparing him or herself for the discussion. After the discussion, any issues and development actions agreed on are documented in a digital development plan.

Other light queries can easily be connected to the development discussion model, including, for example:

  • atmosphere barometer
  • workplace community skills
  • competence assessment
  • performance assessment.


  1. Preparations
  • Answers to the development discussion query are saved directly in digital format.
  • Once the employee has completed the query, it is documented and automatically sent to the supervisor via e-mail.
  • Both participants are able to prepare well for the actual discussion.
  1. Discussions
  • Organisation-level follow-up reports on the implementation of the discussions.
  • Automatic reminders to support the implementation of the development discussions.
  1. Reports, follow-up and evaluation
  • Previous development discussion evaluations can be used as initial data if required.
  • Personal development plan is saved in the file portal for follow-up purposes.
  • Results can be easily compiled into unit- and organisation-specific reports.
  • Employees receive a qualitative query enquiring about the level of success of the development discussion.

Development discussion start-up coaching guides you in how to get started with the development discussion model and to process the organisation-, division- and team-specific results. Start-up coaching explains the main phases of a development discussion.

Qualitative evaluation of development discussions

The objective is to increase the level of trust the personnel have in the development discussions and improve the quality of the discussions. Qualitative evaluation queries provide valuable information on the overall success of the development discussions and help to improve the process.

People who take part in development discussions.

The evaluation is carried out as a digital survey, and the respondents will be invited via e-mail.