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Employer image

A good external employer image constitutes a competitive factor in the race for competent employees and an integral part of the company brand

Employer image means the impression of how a company exhibits itself to both employees and customers and other stakeholder groups.

A good external employer image is a competitive factor when it comes to looking for the best experts. At best, it can help a company to differentiate itself from the competition, speed up the recruitment process, and enable finding better employees who, in turn, contribute to the company’s performance.

A company’s external employer image is based on both official and unofficial available information regarding the company. The external employer image is also formed by people’s perception of the company’s brand and image.

In most cases, this image is created among employees and where people are present and talk about things – not where the company decides to be present.

How does one measure employer image and whose images should we pay attention to?

A good and successful employer image is an inseparable part of the company brand.

An external employer image survey reveals, among others:

  • the company’s general recognition
  • spontaneous images
  • how the image compares with selected competitors

The base structure for the surveys’ framework can be as follows, and the survey itself is tailored to requirements.

Spontaneous recognition and comparison to selected competitors:

  • General recognition
  • Reflection of company values and strategy
  • What message(s) does the company wish its values and strategy to convey
  • How well the message gets through and shows in the operations
  • How to affect the employer image
  • Forming an evaluation of the employer image using adjectives and image attributes