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Staff survey

More extensive review of staff experience builds a solid basis for developing matters related to occupational well-being, management and work efficiency.

The staff survey is a survey intended for the organisation’s entire personnel. It must be well-planned and well-led, and staff members must be aware of it in advance. Implementing a staff survey requires the following steps: designing an meter that fits the target organisation’s needs, deciding on a suitable data collection method, informative reporting that serves the target organisation, and planning and implementing development-oriented result processing.

The smooth process and the support we offer for the duration of the entire research process will release the organisation’s own resources for the purposes of its core operations.

The goal is to improve the functionality, occupational well-being and cooperation in a workplace community. The implementation of the survey includes a meeting for reviewing the results, in which the survey results will be presented and analysed and conclusions will be made.

We utilise all data collection options through multiple channels. Feelback Kompassi enables easy access to and distribution of real-time results on all organisational levels. Dashboard reporting visualises the results and makes their agile use easy.