Well-being pulse

Well-being pulse is a tool with which the company management can monitor the progress of well-being at work.

The objective is to survey the well-being level of the personnel quickly and briefly. Provided almost in real-time, the feedback allows the management and supervisors to react swiftly and proactively. Well-being pulse surveys the well-being, job satisfaction and opinions of the personnel with regard to the level of the supervisory work, providing viewpoints as basis for further development.

The results, together with proposed actions and follow-up schedules and measurements, are processed by Feelback experts.


Members of the workplace community, the organisation as a whole.

The evaluation is carried out as an electronic survey, and the respondents will be invited via SMS or e-mail link. Other invitation and survey methods may also be used, including paper forms.

The data security of all personnel survey answers is guaranteed, and individual respondents cannot be identified.

The results are reported in an integrated report and categorised by background-variables like units if required.

Feelback Group has collaborated for a long time with, for example, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, occupational healthcare units and other experts and development consultants on working life. As personnel management is based on the strategy, the content of the well-being surveys may vary. Based on extensive experience and numerous conducted measurements, Feelback Group offers fundamentals and framework where well-being factors can be divided into external and internal factors.


The evaluation contains a result-processing session during which the results of the survey are analysed, and conclusions are drawn. Development actions may incorporate supervisor training to coach the supervisors responsible for the personnel in the organisation in separate result-processing sessions.