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Staff pulse survey

An up-to-date view of staff experience and its changes is the key to an organisation’s success!

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Staff pulse survey is used to review the experiences and feelings of an organisation’s personnel. Dense feedback data received in fast cycles and regularly give the management and supervisors the chance to carry out proactive measures and react quickly to situations.

The purpose of the staff pulse survey is to review how the staff members like their job and how they cope with it and produce trend data about the changes of staff experience. The staff pulse review offers the staff members a fast feedback channel for improving matters related to occupational well-being, management work and workplace atmosphere.

We utilise our standard contents to customise and build the staff pulse survey for your organisation, based on e.g. your strategy and the chosen values. The structure, contents and implementation cycle of the staff pulse survey will always be determined together with the customer, and the survey will become a part of the overall monitoring of staff experience.

We utilise all data collection options through multiple channels. Feelback Kompassi enables easy access to and distribution of real-time results on all organisational levels. Dashboard reporting visualises the results and makes their agile use easy.