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Implemented on the basis of the individual NATURAL TENDENCIES ANALYSIS™ results, WORKGROUP TENDENCIES ANALYSIS™ determines whether the workgroup tendency profile is in line with the group’s key objectives and tasks. All workgroups can be efficient and productive as long as they know where to focus their attention.

NATURAL TENDENCIES ANALYSIS™ – Three reports, three different perspectives

NATURAL TENDENCIES ANALYSIS™ can be used to prepare three different kinds of reports and three coaching concepts designed to utilise the reports. Key objectives may include, for example, the following:

  • improving leadership and supervisory skills
  • change management
  • development of organisational culture
  • conflict detection and their constructive processing
  • development of group dynamics
  • improving well-being and satisfaction at work
  • improving interactive skills.

WORKGROUP TENDENCIES ANALYSIS™ can be prepared for a group, the members of which have completed NATURAL TENDENCIES ANALYSIS™ and reviewed the personal results. WORKGROUP TENDENCIES ANALYSIS™ contains a group report and a separate processing session where the results are processed under the guidance of a NATURAL TENDENCIES™ coach.

The objective of the report is to provide the workgroups and teams with ideas on how to improve and develop their internal functions (work processes, division of work, management). The WORKGROUP TENDENCIES report is compiled from the NATURAL TENDENCIES analyses using the desired grouping.

Participatory team coaching

The WORKGROUP TENDENCIES analyses determine the internal group dynamics that is invisible but crucial to the group’s functioning. The coaching provides answers, for example, to the following questions:

  • What kind of internal roles are there in the group, and what kind of roles are not represented in the group?
  • What is the innovativeness profile of the group like?
  • What kind of cooperation capabilities does the group have?
  • How well do the natural tendencies of the group members coincide with the group’s tasks?

The purpose of the coaching is to ensure that the participants understand what group dynamics means and to provide them with concrete ideas on how to develop their group work methods. The session is implemented using a participatory pair or small group work method.