Feelback tietää mitä asiakkaillesi kuuluu

Workplace community skills

Ensuring a functional work community and achieving a positive atmosphere is not just the managers’ responsibility. Each member of the workplace community will also effect these through their actions.

An employee’s willingness and ability to act in a constructive way in their working community requires workplace community skills. The assessment offers the members of the workplace community valuable feedback on what their strengths are and on which they should pay more attention to make cooperation even smoother. On the whole workplace community’s level, these results will open up channels for targeting development measures and identifying good practices.

The assessment of workplace community skills is an open and honest feedback channel to all community members. The objective is to create a model, where employees can make their opinions heard and feel able to influence matters by measuring their workplace community skills.

With the help of the demonstrative report, all assessed employees will be able to identify their strengths and development goals and find their personal development path. Additionally, the organisation will have a comprehensive image of the overall situation of the assessed group.