Feelback tietää mitä asiakkaillesi kuuluu


  • At Sigma Trukit, excellent customer service and high quality of service have always been the cornerstones of our operations and part of our values. In order to be able to serve our customers even better, we conduct our annual customer satisfaction survey in cooperation with the highly competent Feelback team. Sigma Trukit Oy wishes to be a valued and responsible operator with the best and most professional sales organisation in the field and extensive after-sales markets. Sigma Trukit Oy is specialised in importing and selling port and material handling equipment, and we only accept the best!

    Vesa Toivanen, Regional Manager, Central and Eastern Finland, Sigma Trukit Oy
  • Ponsse monitors customer satisfaction with separate customer satisfaction surveys conducted in several countries on different continents. Feelback Group provides these services utilising an easy-to-use year clock model that allows Ponsse to concentrate on result follow-up and development work. Ponsse is a professional company specialising in the manufacture, service, product development and marketing of forestry equipment. Such professionalism is also needed in our surveys, which are conducted by Feelback Group as our reliable partner.

    Eveliina Pölkki, Marketing Assistant, Communications, Ponsse Oyj
  • Understanding customer experience is an essential part of developing our business operations. We have identified two core sections related to this in our operations: quote stage during sales and successful maintenance service process. Feelback Group has met our data collection and result reporting needs with automated solutions that give us a real-time image of the successfulness of our core processes and the level of customer experience. We value the effortlessness of Feelback Group’s solution as well as the ease of use and visual appearance of their reporting.

    Tea Koivisto, Marketing Manager, Autokonserni Laakkonen
  • We began cooperation with Feelback Group in 2015. Our work together includes continuous collection of feedback from the customers of all holiday homes rented through Lomarengas, and also the forwarding of site-specific feedback to the service personnel and the owners. The service brings real added value to our operations as a whole. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and plan to expand it further.

    Pekka Huttunen, Marketing Manager, Lomarengas Oy
  • In 2019–2021, the Family Federation of Finland is conducting a research and development project about Equality and fathers. Feelback Group will be involved in this project as a research partner, implementing the initial and follow-up surveys of the chosen project organisations. Feelback Group collects empirical evidence and refines information on how the organisations of different sectors can achieve a more father-friendly and equal organisational culture. Project page: https://www.vaestoliitto.fi/perhe-ja-tyo/tietoa- hankkeista/tasa-arvo-ja- isat-tutkimus-ja-ke/

    Anna Kokko, Project Manager, Väestöliitto
  • “It’s nice when different studies are successful with the same partner. This way, we don’t have to constantly look for and compete for research actors, we can focus on doing it ourselves. Feelback's style of sparring and the search for new implementations bring added value and we have found the most suitable models for us easily. Everything is crowned by a high-quality and flexible service.”

    Maila Herva, Director of Quality and Responsibility, Granlund
  • “One thing worth mentioning is Feelback’s ability to find the heart of the matter. Often, just a ten-minute meeting is enough to find the right solution and start working on things. There have also been situations where wishes that deviate from the original plan or order have arisen along the way and all new needs have been handled smoothly. ”

    Minna Lappalainen, Chief Human Resources Officer, Granlund
  • “For us, staff is our most important asset and we want to hold on to our skilled population. That’s why it’s important to stay aware of how employees feel comfortable, and we achieve this perfectly with the Feelback Employee Satisfaction Survey as part of other day-to-day management. If problems are found in the inquiries, we will be able to correct them quickly. This is how we ensure that our experts do not leave us. Feelback's easy and uncomplicated approach to measuring employee satisfaction has increased understanding of the staff and, on the other hand, has made things measurable. ”

    Antti Lehto, CFO, Autoklinikka
  • “Working with Feelback is really smooth and knowledgeable. The customer's needs are listened to and taken into account. It has never been necessary to wonder if something goes wrong when Feelback has been a partner. Feelback's clear project management model creates certainty for the stable passage of implementations. In other words, Feelback takes good care of the customer. ”

    Hannele Salonen, Group HRD expert, Broman Group
  • “Data is needed for leadership and that’s why Feelback is an important partner for us. We want to get to know as deeply as possible and here the tools provided by Feelback are really useful. If, for example, the personnel survey finds challenges in the well-being of the personnel, an explanatory survey can be made of the situation. Based on the findings, a development plan is made to improve the situation, and the tools provide a reliable measurement of successes. ”

    Mira Prinz, Chief Human Resources Officer, Broman Group
  • “My calendar has been higher quality since we started working with Feelback. I can focus on the essentials in new customer acquisition work. This has been ensured by the common goals defined at the beginning of the remote booking service process, which have progressed rapidly and have been jointly pursued. In general, the cooperation with Feelback has been pleasant and effective ”

    Mia Holma, account manager, Kielikone Oy